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On Saturday February the 8th, MV Agusta Imports hands the keys to the prestigious MV Agusta Rivale to any licensed rider via its MV Agusta authorised dealer network across Australia. Now, we all know that when we are thinking about buying a motorcycle, let alone an exotic one, what the general reaction is when walking into a dealership and saying that we would like to test-ride a motorcycle.

Speaking from personal experience, approximately 2 years ago was my latest “test-riding request experience”. I had the money to buy an R1. I loved the big-bang sound but had no idea what the bike rode like. So, in the middle of the day on a week-day, I walked into a dealership – was greeted with the usual “can I help you?” – but this one was in an intended condescending tone… perhaps the sales guy was having a bad day; who knows? I said, “Yes; I was considering buying the new R1 and wanted to see if I could book a short, test-ride for the upcoming Saturday” – and here’s how things unfolded:

Salesman: Do you have a licence?
Me: Yes.

Salesman: Do you own another bike?… and are you trading it in.
Me: Yes, I do own another bike… but I am not trading it in as I want to keep it.

Salesman: Will you be requiring finance?
Me: No.

Salesman: Are you serious about buying this bike?
Me: No. This is why I want to test-ride it to see if I like how it rides – I do like the way it looks and the way that it sounds…

Salesman: If you are not serious about buying it – unfortunately we cannot book a test-ride.
Me: I don’t understand your logic; but thanks anyway – and I walked away.

For the record – my second choice was a more expensive bike that sounded similar. My request for a test-ride for the other bike was a breeze – within 15 minutes of riding it I knew that I wanted it – and two weeks later, I owned it.

Now, I understand that there are time-wasters; non-serious joy-riders etc to watch out for; but surely to treat every potential customer like a time-wasting joy-rider is detrimental to their own sales. In this day and age, all dealerships should have a skilled filtering process in place to:

(a) nicely explain that they need to ask a few questions before handing  the keys to any bike and,
(b) impress the customer with an amazing welcome, professional advice and courtesy regardless of what point needed to be made

We should not feel like we had to earn the respect of the salesperson before actually spending our money with them. Probably why, the lifespan of an inexperienced motorcycle salesperson, in general, is very short.

At Mototecnic, test-rides are seen as an essential part of the buying process – we do not expect you to tell us that you are test-riding the bike that you are certain that you’ll own in a week; it would not make sense. We do legally have to check your licence etc. first – and the rest is clearly explained regarding your liabilities and insurances etc.

So, now that you have the opportunity to ride one of the world’s newest and most exotic machines, BOOK YOUR TIMESLOT for the MV Agusta Rivale test-ride this Saturday, February the 8th, at Mototecnic.

To book your MV Agusta Rivale test-ride, call: (03) 9763 1433



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