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For bikers in the know, last week-end had a special significance in the Motorcycling world. Motorcycle racing is understandably pushed into the media background by more popular local sports, however I actually believed that the return of a true legend on a racetrack at World Championship level would have been given a worthy recognition or even notable acknowledgement in the Media – not just with the sole aim of giving the brand a plug but because any worthwhile publicity within the Motorcycle domain would actually help the Industry as a whole. This Industry needs any great story going around to keep it healthy – opportunities like these from a marketing perspective, should have never been missed.

The simulcast of the World SuperSport Race at the Australian Round had their commentators only casually mention that MV Agusta was racing again but nothing like what the story would have been, had any rider been suspected of partaking in any indiscretions… The point that a multi-year, world championship winning brand like MV Agusta was back on a racetrack, at World Championship Level again was downplayed or shunned is detrimental to the sport and the industry that surrounds it. Whether one is partial to the MV Agusta brand or not is not the issue – it is about the credibility and benefits that such an etched history and a strong heritage bring to any profession and to the new fans.

In any domain, music, sport, acting, automotive, the return of a legend would be cause for propaganda and celebration. In turn, this hype would have benefitted the circuit (higher crowd attendance), the Motorcycle Retailers (any brands racing on that day has its own fans – more fans, more sales), Accessories Sales, Tyres, the Local Restaurants would have been even busier and the Petrol Stations would have made even more returns from Fuel, Food & Drinks!… so, why was such a golden opportunity missed when so many bike retailers are doing it tough is baffling! I really believed that the whole aim of hosting globally watched events is not ONLY to showcase Melbourne to the world and basically advertise for the tourism industry but also about supporting the very industry that is generating the advertisement… Obviously not; and it’s a shame…

That aside, for the genuine, hard-core motorcycle fan, the week-end was fantastic! I rode in on a perfect, blue sky morning, with a crisp breeze keeping me just cool enough under the morning sun. Rolling towards the San Remo bridge, I saw ‘that’ view… everytime, this is one of those moments when being on a bike really sinks in for me. The fraternity of riders around, about to cross the one bridge that connects us to the Motorcycling epicentre for that week-end… That common energy and passion for Motorcycles converged into one path heading in the same direction to watch some of the world’s best riders on their ‘working week-end’. It is an absolute rider’s high.

Spectating at the Phillip Island Circuit during the WBSK Rounds is another highlight – bikers everywhere, riding around the circuit from vantage point to vantage point, watching the professionals do their thing in the centre of it all. There will always be a motorcycle in my garage… and going to Phillip Island to watch the world’s best race on two wheels will always be an event not to miss.

Live to Ride!


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