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Mototecnic MV Agusta Ride 2013

Mototecnic decided to organise a ride with our MV Agusta friends approx.
5 weeks ago. With no control on mother nature we at least hoped that it would be a great day. Our first scheduled date of September 1st was moved as it was father’s day and that turned out to be an amazing first day of spring!
So, we pushed on to the following week. Leading up to September 8th,
the forecast was grim to say the least – maximum of 16; cloudy with
a chance of rain…

…so what did we do? We hoped for a miracle – we hoped that the weather Gods would be on MV Agusta’s side and make a lie of the weather reports (would not be the first time; so why not hope?…)


Did anyone notice that the weather was completely not what was forecasted! We had Blue Skies – a few clouds but plenty of sun – and it was beautiful under the sun: the bikes loved it as the engine temp ran in the mid 70’s. That amazing MV Agusta Induction sound was happily snarling!… Rider comfort was tops, too: perfect temperature for those of us in leathers. We could not have asked for a better day to spend amongst such fine company: RIDERS AND BIKES!

As we saw, we do not have to go all the way to the Black Spur to enjoy some amazing riding roads… right here, on the edge of Metropolitan Melbourne are some amazing riders’ roads! Lots of sweepers – lots of tight 2nd and 1st gear turns – lots of hills and dips. The plan was to have as many bikes reach the destination as the amount that departed from the Mototecnic premises – we achieved that and that’s at least one plan that we will stick to for all rides. Nothing crazy.

LUNCH: lunch at The Ivy – Olinda was delicious, too! Thank you to Mark and his staff for reserving an amazing table for more than 20 of us. Also, the Mototecnic sign and MV Agusta flag were proudly displayed at the front and more than 20 MV Agusta bikes were parked in prime position at the front.
(professional photos to come in the gallery soon but here’s a phone snap)!


It was great to see the MV Agusta Melbourne Riders getting together again after such a long time – Mototecnic has more in store for our clientele.

Let’s keep in touch. Our sincere gratitude for joining us on this amazing ride. We have a few more clients just about to purchase their MV Agusta’s very soon and we look forward to having them join us on the next one, too!

Don’t just buy a Motorcycle – acquire the Legend and experience
the pinnacle of Motorcycle riding – MV Agusta!

the M-Crew.


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